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no reason

i want winter summer.
it's about time, don't you think?
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This is an ecxellent picture. Can I be your friend?
of course,
do i know you?
Not in real life, but you know me now!
umm can we hang out?...
you better be calling me...
cause i miss you!
im free saturday, during the day...?
and then im going to see my dad the rest of next week
so that's the only time i'm free this week atleast, but once my feb break is over ill be free on the weekends and stuff.

i miss you too lady!

just what i was thinking, you read my mind, by the way,...who is that beatuiful girl who takes photos? could it be...HANNAH? is she from maine, nahhhhhh it couldn' be, but you know what? I think it is....your prettier than that tulip, and tulips are my favorite, so what does that make you? my extra favorite! love, susy