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let's go out and dance, darling

Maine was fine, didnt do much of anything.
saw family, watched a lot of movies
enjoyed the 30 INCHES of snow

this is off the front step haha it was insane
my aunt came up with her baby, jenna, she's so adorable

enjoyed my presents and the presents that i gave to people
i get back home and their is no snow and its like 45 degrees
talk about differences
today i celebrated christmas at home
with mom tim, jake, sam, tara, katie, sam's friend john, and tim's friend dan
it was a good time

jake and tara left,
sam and katie are here for a week

tonight at rach's
tomorrow at susy's
and then band/salt? do we have it?

i need to do this music video thing for video production but i dont know what to do
i want it to be sort of a story with the music in the background, you know those videos

i'm tired so maybe ill go watch tv before i have to leave

be safe everyone, happy new year
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