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yesterday i slept late-ish, went outside for a bit,
took pictures, shoveled some,  ate some,
went caroling at covenant village,
then youth group gathered at becky's
then derek and kari came back here and we watched mean girls,
because i like to introduce people to that movie- and it was kari's turn.
either people think it will be stupid or just never watch it...
and i feel that they are missing out. haha
we had conversations with my parents until they left.
I then started to watch saturday night life, but i always fall asleep.
slept late this morning, my parents let me stay home from church
woke up, watched a little bit of mrs. doubtfire,
took a shower, ate pasta,
went to get our tree
a very goodlooking guy was working at the tree farm
his eyes were so beautiful, they were the brightest blue
he reminded me of my brother a lot
even his looks, his mannerisms and his smile
and NO i don't have some secret incestial love for my brother
it's just that i admire my brother's so much
and i just think that when i get married it will be someone like my brothers
i heard somewhere that people who admire brothers or father
sort of look for people relationshipwisethat remind them of those people
i think that's how i am. meh but what do i know.


my feet are cold and my tongue is burnt from hot chocolate
i'm not sure if i have any homework  so i probobly should go check

the dino was playing in the snow

rubber swing

side of the church


wooden swing

treeeeeee (not our christmas tree though, duh)


bye! :)
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